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Whale Watching

Whale Watching
In Half Moon Bay, California.
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Killer Whales Hunting Off Of Half Moon Bay, CA

Half Moon Bay Whale Watching offers more than just whale watching.

Eco tourists, wildlife photographers and fans of all marine life will have the opportunity to spot anything that swims or flies in the coastal waters of the San Mateo County Coasts.

The nature to be found in our Pacific waters is vast and varied, including species common and very rare.

We have seen Minke Whales, Great White Sharks, Sea Turtles, Whale Sharks, Puffins, giant Albatross and many, many more creatures while touring offshore.

Whale Watching Boat Charters:

We offer private boat charters for groups of guests up to six passenger.

Small groups of up to six passengers can privately charter a whale watching boat for $500 to $1,150 depending on location (coastal or farther offshore including to the Farallon Islands).

There is no cost if weather forces cancellation.

Provide your dates requirements; we'll get back to you with your options and availability.

Whale trips out to the Farallon Islands or farther out to the Continental Shelf cost 15 or 25% more due to rising fuel prices and the greater travel time required.

Whale Watching Open Load Boats:

Single passengers and smaller groups can join our boat based on space availability.

Prices are per person, with a minimum cost for the boat to go.

Full day whale tours cost between $100 and $200 depending on locations near the coast or farther offshore to the prime feeding grounds in Gulf of the Farallones.

There is no cost if weather forces cancellation.



Wildlife Photography Opportunities on the Ocean Waters of the Bay Area & Northern California.








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Half Moon Bay Whale Watching
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